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tegesta [20 Feb 2009|02:35pm]

one. Ritchard Monroe Paule; the son of a desperate yet wealthy housewife and very successful business owner was born on april 4th 1991. Into a family that seemed to have a very promising future, but as the years went on, it showed that the promise would soon be broken. Ritchard, also known as Ritchie was named after his father, but just because he inherited his name, the kid didn't exactly inherited his traits. Usually, when someone is name after a person they feel as if they have to live up to that name, but since day one, Ritchie, could careless about living up to that name. Why? Because in his eyes, the person he was suppose to live up to may have been successful, but at the same time he was completely worthless.

two. The promising family the kid had once known would not turn out so promising once his parents decided to end their happy marriage and go in their own direction. In other words, Ritchard Sr. felt it was time to get something knew and fresh, and for this reason, he'd finally run off with his 25 yr. old mistress. And that devastated Ritchie's mother. In her eyes, as well as Ritchard Jr.'s eyes, things were thought to be find, but when the affair came to being known, she and her son would know that in their perfect little worlds everything was not fine at all. It hurt her, but due to Ritchie being in the middle, it would hurt him even more in the long run.click for more information. )

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